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Our Founders Experienced First Hand The Difficulties Within The Advertising System

From their time at Google, Accenture, and their own creative agency, they learned the following:

Complicated Ad Networks

Google, Facebook and other platforms share contradictory and confusing data

Disincentivized Agencies

Digital ad agencies’ fees are not based on generating performance and growth.

High Cost of Financing

Financing for digital sales is expensive and not tied to credible projections.

We realized that our clients were trapped into:

  • Using inaccurate data
  • To guide decisions made by contractors that were not properly incentivized
  • And paid for by capital that had relatively high costs.
In our view, the best way to fix this system was to redesign it from the ground up with proper incentives to ensure it would last.
That system is Revenue Roll.

Our Founders

Alek Burk Image

Alek Burk

Ex-Googler who has helped thousands of businesses accelerate revenue growth online
Jonathan Kopnick Image

Jonathan Kopnick

Award winning technologist specializing in launching new consumer-facing platforms
Michael Diesu Image

Michael Diesu

Ex-Accenture strategist focused on building scalable antifragile systems

Core Values

Data & Strategy Transparency

  • Transparency is at the core of all products and services offered at Revenue Roll. Revenue Roll’s platform, managed advertising services, and financing services are built on open and easily understandable common-sense criteria for success.
  • Revenue Roll will never set opaque guidelines that are not aligned with a customer’s business model or that utilize confusing terminology. Instead, Revenue Roll provides clients real understandable insights meant to empower and educate clients as partners.
  • Revenue Roll’s technology strategy is laser focused to support this mission, by providing self service exploratory tools to clients to allow them to gain insight in real time in ways that are understandable to them.

Data & Strategy Transparency

Aligned Incentives

Aligned Incentives

  • Revenue Roll relieves systemic industry problems of mispriced service, technology, and financial offerings by aligning pricing with clients success outcomes, mainly:
    1. Technology costs that scale with revenue, aiming to be 1% of client's revenue
    2. Managed marketing services that only accrue fees if we improve the client beyond pre-determined baselines.
    3. Financing tied to the client's successful ability to scale revenue aiming to be 2.5% cost of capital per campaign.
  • This means that Revenue Roll DOES NOT:   1. Charge technology costs a client cannot afford
    2. Charge for unsuccessful online advertising service
    3. Provide financing that further burdens a client’s cash flow

Enterprise Technology For Growing Businesses

  • The unintentional effect of privacy legislation and advertising market consolidation is that top-tier martech and fintech tools and services are increasingly reserved for large, Fortune 500 sized clients.
  • Revenue Roll’s goal is to find ways to take previously unattainable enterprise platforms and tools and distribute them to growing businesses at scale to make their pricing widely available.
  • Revenue Roll’s focus is on providing ways for all tools to be automatically set up and put into practice easily without the need for large sophisticated teams growing businesses do not have in-house.

Enterprise Technology For Growing Businesses

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