Our Proven Process

Follow these five steps to scale your business sustainably for the long-term

Rethink Tracking
Repel Bots
Reconnect Users
Retarget Audiences
Reinvest Returns
Without RevRoll
With RevRoll
You can only track users for 24 hours after they click on an ad
Our system enables you to identify, track, and target returning users for up to 2 years
Large percentages of online traffic are low quality and lead to wasteful ad spend
Our software filters out low quality traffic so you only pay for high quality users
You lose track of users that use multiple devices or abandon their cart and leave your site
Keep track of users across devices and retarget users after they abandon carts
Traditional marketers are unable to identify top performing user personas
Our software identifies top performing user personas and allows you to only target them
The traditional lending process is long and expensive for e-commerce applicants
Advertise Now, Pay Later with our fast & flexible financing for ads

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