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Our analytics platform will improve your ROAS efficiently and sustainably for the long-term

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130%+ YoY ROAS Improvement With RevRoll

Within two weeks of signing up for Revenue Roll’s analytics platform, we were able to see immediate improvement in our attribution and data quality. This allowed us to maximize sales during the busy season.

Scott Robertson
COO, ZipTop

125%+ YoY ROAS Improvement With RevRoll

Revenue Roll’s analytics platform and industry experience have grown our online revenue substantially. We are experiencing record months, which is a refreshing change from the past providers.

Francesco Perillo
CEO, Dr Smood

6.0x+ ROAS With Revenue Roll

Revenue Roll was able to double my revenue during my business’ peak season. Their level of professionalism, transparency, and attention to detail was a complete change from past software providers.

Rajesh Najar
CEO, Cbazaar

Funded 6 Figures For Google & FB Ads

Within days of engaging with Revenue Roll, we were able to secure $250,000 in financing for our advertising channels to continue our growth heading into our busiest season.

Harry Cederbaum
COO, Twillory

Blocked Millions Of Fake Users

Revenue Roll’s first party data powered by server side tracking has enabled us to build a best-in-class fraud prevention system that allows us to confidently process ₹100M+ per day in transactions.

Russell Byrne
CFO, Simpl
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Our Proven ROAS Improvement Process

Rethink Tracking

Utilize server-side tracking to identify, track, and retarget for up to 2 years

Repel Bots

Stop draining your advertising budget on bots and low quality users

Reconnect Users

Keep track of users across devices and even after they abandon carts

Retarget Audiences

Identify your top performing customer personas and only focus on them

Reinvest Returns

Advertise Now, Pay Later with our fast and flexible financing for ads

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We offer generous revenue sharing for partners that refer us business

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We'll handle all marketing data related support for your clients

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Industry veterans that know the current ad system is broken

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Align the success of our business with the success of our customers

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Develop revolutionary products to give control back to businesses

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Discover How We Can Improve Your

ROAS By 25% Within 30 Days

And You Only Pay Us When We Do

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